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Three science-based benefits of Ginseng extract.

Ginseng is one of the most valuable and widely used Chinese medicines, not only in ancient China but also throughout the world. In ancient China, ginseng was recognized for its ability to restore body balance. Ginseng and ginseng extract is now used as dietary supplements, complementary medicine, and adjuvant therapeutics all over the world. Ginseng is now one of the most commonly used herbs, according to a survey of customers at health food stores.

Ginseng and ginseng extract is widely used as they benefit much for health, skin, and hair. Ginseng extract is considered as GRAS in the USA. Further more, according to a review of clinical trials, Panax ginseng as a mono-preparation demonstrated a safe profile, with no significant differences between the placebo and ginseng groups in terms of the frequency and symptoms of adverse events in RCT studies with a small number of subjects with different conditions for each patient.

Ginseng and active ingredients are also considered an adaptogen. Let’s check the three proven benefits of Panax ginseng extract.

Ginseng ingredients invigorate physical activities and benefit in health, hair and skin.

Ginseng extract fights fatigue and invigorates physical activity

Ginseng help stimulates physical and mental activity in people who perceived fatigue and energy.  An open-label study showed that for people with chronic fatigue, daily consumption of a dietary supplement containing a combination of vitamins, minerals, and Panax ginseng root dry extract (G115®) significantly decreased the experience of weariness compared to baseline.

A systematic review concluded that the present findings supported that Panax ginseng C.Amey and its compounds can be recommended for routine use in fatigue.

Ginsenosides improve cognitive performance

Several studies indicated that the intaking of ginseng may improve learning and memory in health volunteers.

A randomized placebo-controlled, double-blind, balanced, cross-over design study to assess the single-dose effects of ginseng on aspects of mood and cognitive performance in healthy and young adult volunteers showed that Ginseng clearly improved memory task speed and attentional task accuracy.

Another double-blind, placebo-controlled, balanced, cross-over design study was conducted to investigate the effect of 400 mg of standardized P. ginseng extract (G115, Pharmaton SA) on mood and cognitive performance. In this study, 30 healthy young volunteers were given 400 mg of ginseng and a matching inert placebo in a counterbalanced order, with a 7-day washout period in between treatments. Cognitive performance and mood were evaluated 90 minutes after drug administration. Ginseng increased attention to speed, indicating that it improved a participant’s ability to allocate attentional processes to a specific task. Ginseng also improved performance on tasks related to episodic memory at 1, 2.5, 4, and 6 hours after ingestion.

Standardized ginseng extract helps to reduce blood glucose levels.

A double-blind,placebo-controlled, balanced crossover design study was conducted in Helsinki, with 30 healthy young adults treated with 200 mg G115(standardized ginseng extract) or 400 mg G115 or placebo. The planned comparison revealed that both active treatments reduced blood glucose levels significantly more than the placebo at all post-dose time points. The result showed that 200mg resulted in reductions after one hour [t(116) 3.31, p 0.001], three [t(116) 3.65, p 0.0003], and six [t(116) 2.58, p 0.01] post-dose completions of the demand battery. The 400 mg treatment also resulted in reductions after one hour [t(116) 3.42, p 0.0007], three [t(116) 3.57, p 0.0004], and six [t(116) 5.50, p 0.0000001] completions of the demand battery.

The Massey University Team reviewed a study of 8-week treatment with ginseng vinegar extract, which moderately improved HbA1c levels and was well tolerated in patients with type 2 diabetes who had poor glycemic control. And the study results were: In the intention-to-treat analysis, Ginsam (ginseng vinegar extract) treatment significantly reduced HbA1c levels: -0.56 0.25 percent in the 1500 mg group, -0.31 0.12 percent in the 2000 mg group, and -0.29 0.11 percent in the 3000 mg group (all P 0.05), with a significant difference between the 1500 mg Ginsam and placebo groups (-0.02 0.12 percent, P = 0.021). Fasting glucose concentrations changed in the same way: -21.40, -14.27, and -6.76 mg/dL for 1500, 2000, and 3000 mg, respectively, compared to -2.25 mg/dL for the placebo. The percentage of patients whose HbA1c level decreased by more than 0.5 percent differed significantly between the placebo group (11.1 percent), 1500 mg (27.8 percent), and 2000 mg (27.8 percent). There were no serious adverse events reported in any of the groups.

A review published on NIH summarized recent studies(before 2019) on anti-diabetic studies of ginseng extracts and ginsenosides in cells, animals, and humans. The review also provided evidence for the anti-diabetes effects of ginseng extracts and ginsenosides as well as the underlying mechanisms of their impact on diabetes.

Other benefits of ginseng ingredients bring to us.

It is also studied that the ginseng extract may treat erectile dysfunction in a 2012 study, and the ginsenosides reduce inflammation in a 2020 study. According to a recent report in April 2022, the Ginseng compound ginsenoside Rg1 and other panaxatrial ginsenosides improve exercise endurance in healthy adults. And ginsenoside Re has also been shown to boost energy metabolism. This compound Re binds to both sex hormone and progesterone receptors.

We believe more and more biological activities of Ginseng and its application to human health will be found and approved in near future. What Benenature should do are support the studies and sustainably supply ginseng powders and ginseng extract with high quality.

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