How to supply plant extracts sustainably? The sustainable development of plant extracts manufacturer

How to supply plant extracts sustainably?

Committed to Sustainable Development

How to supply plant extracts sustainably? Benenature commits sustainable development.

  • Benenature desires to develop products which are good for human-being and animals, Andrographis extracts, plant extracts and natural ingredients for instance. Meanwhile, make it not negative to the surrounded environment.
  • Every decision is carefully thought out,  and planned to have as little effect on our natural ecosystem as possible. With this in mind, Benenature commits a sustainable development and positive social and environmental impacts.
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As a manufacturer, how to supply plant extracts sustainably?

✅Medical herbs and plant extracts bring health to us, we must do it in a long-time vision.

✅Medicinal herbs co-farming to make sure raw materials are sustainably supplied.

✅Cultivation and harvesting with a blue plan to make sure herbs and raw materials are not over-harvested, to respect global bio-capital.

✅Water and ethanol-based, sustainable extraction by ethanol recycled with our sole technology.

✅Ensure 100% of the raw material botanicals are utilized to create value-added plant extracts and natural ingredients with zero waste. The marc of raw material herbs and plants is applied for fertilizer or animal feeds which clean the environment in circles.

✅Manufacturing and developing highly potency bioactive ingredients to keep the well-being healthy and happy. For instance, Benenature’s andrographolide of Andrographis Paniculata extract reaches 99.8% by HPLC. Similarly, the purity of astragaloside IV from astragalus extracts is up to 99.5% by HPLC.

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