Top Andrographis extract manufacturer and Plant extracts supplier Benenature

Top Andrographis extracts manufacturer and plant extracts supplier-Benenature.

Benenature is a top 5 Andrographis extract manufacturer and plant extracts supplier in China. Benenature is to satisfy your desires for natural extracts & botanical ingredients in the fields of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, formula enhancing food, beverages, feed, animal health, and skincare.

What does Benenature do?

Benenature cultivates medical plants/health herbs from native authentic places. This quality-controlled step makes sure the best raw materials. Therefore, the highest quality natural extracts and botanical powders meet the quality requirements of her clients. The co-farming Andrographis bases in Guangdong&Guangxi Province supply 10 million tons of quality sunny-dried Andrographis. They are the plant source of Andrographis powders, Andrographis extract, phytochemical compound andrographolide, and andrographolide derivatives. The co-farming system ensures sustainable highest quality genuine medicinal botanicals, which guarantees the best natural ingredients and herbal extracts.

What’s your extraction capacity?

Benenature natural extracts factory has extraction capacity of 30T/day, purification capacity of 500kg/day, semi-synthesis line of 100kg/day, a premixing workshop, and two drying workshops. Benenature complies with cGMP guidelines in every natural extracts manufacturing step: botanicals preparation, extraction, purification, QA&QC, packing, and services. What’s more, Benenature introduces a Solvent Recycled System in the factory. This system makes Benenature be an environment-friendly herbal extracts factory and be harmonious with our eco-system.

Based on experiences in plant extraction, facilities of extraction, refining, synthesis, and quality control system, Benenature provides you with natural ingredients and botanical extracts with TCM-based reference solutions. Meanwhile, OEM are available for you.


Responsible and responsive approach to your needs.


To consistently provide effective natural medicinal ingredients and solutions to nourish people, animals, and our planet.


To be the value manufacturer and supplier natural botanical extracts and solutions.

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