Quality Control System


Benenature established a co-farming system to ensure consistently highest quality genuine botanicals. These botanical raw materials are Andrographis Paniculata (Burm. f) Nees, Sophora Japonica, Phellodendri Chinensis, Ginseng, etc. Andrographis herb farm, for instance, locates in Zhanjiang, Guangdong. Zhanjiang is a traditional place for authentic herb meds Andrographis according to LINGNAN HERBS RECORDED. Likewise, Baishan, Jilin is for genuine Panax Ginseng.  Sustainable farming guarantees steady and quality Andrographis powder, Ginseng root powder, Andrographis extract, and  Ginseng extracts.

Ginseng base for panax ginseng extract and ginseng root powders.
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Calibrated vacuum meter of extraction tank in the workshop of plant extract manufacturer.



All the raw materials, production, testing, and packing are performed following ISO9001, ISO14001, CGMP, and HACCP quality management system.

Qualified staff 
ensure the highest potency of the plant extracts,natural ingredients,and phytochemicals, with the help of advanced testing instruments. Benenature holds the quick and precise testing capability by our qualified staff and advanced testing facilities.

On-site QA monitoring protocols are introduced to sampling, testing, and recording each key point in the plant. 

Quality control of herbal extracts starts from the botanicals to the finished products natural extracts, every step is strictly monitored.

The measures for quality control of the natural herbs, medicinal plants as the raw materials  for the extracts are as follows:

  • Co-farming natural herbs/plants
  • Co-farmers on-site cultivation and caring skill shares
  • Sourcing from authentic sites for the non-farming natural plants and herbs
  • Outsourced roots and medicinal plants from qualified suppliers.
  • Content test,quantity assured and recorded instantly when raw materials received,
  • Content re-test and recorded before plant extraction process start
  • On-site QA during botanical extraction.