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Botanical ingredient anstragalosideIV 50%-astragalus extract powder
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Natural Ingredients Lists

As a natural ingredients manufacturer,Benenature is dedicated to developing and sharing quality plant extracts and botanical ingredients includes

🌱 Natural beberine hydrochrolide,

🌱Andrographis extracts and  Andrographis powders,

🌱Astragalus extracts,

🌱Sophorae Japonica extracts,

🌱Ginseng extract & powders


🌱OEM service for other natural products based on medical herbs and plants for you, to bridge you and nature.

Firstly, all the herbal plant and botanical materials utilized are performed in a sustainable mind, so as to create super quality plant extracts and natural ingredients. Benenature cultivates most of the natural herbs together with local farmer friends, Andrographis herbs, for instance. Benenature shares profits with farmer friends to help to improve their living communities, which in turn, supports the sustainable development of each other. Secondly, Benenature builds up a steady raw material supply system. In addition to an efficient and flexible plant extracts manufacturing system, which strengthens Benenature offer unique natural ingredient solutions for you. Moreover, The Benenature members love to a company with your design process of natural remedies for health, with our TCM intelligence.

What are the features of  Benenature’s natural extracts and botanical ingredients? Solid natural ingredients and extracts are critical issues to your formula in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, feeds, and animal healthcare industries.

✅100% plant-sourced


✅Sustainable supply

✅BULK quantity

Flagship botanical ingredient- high content Andrographolide

Which herbal extract is the flagship product of Benenature?  That is Andrographolide. The compound Andrographolide is  isolated from the natural cure herb Andrographis paniculata.  What’s more, Andrographolide is the major constituent isolated from the Andrographis herb, in terms of bioactive properties and abundance.

What is the content level of Andrographolide from Benenature? Andrographolide potency reaches 99.5% by HPLC according to China Pharmacopia.

How long does Benenature manufactures andrographolide with high content? Benenature focused in the phytochemical andrographolide for more than 10 years! Here is the capacity related to Andrographis extract- Andrographolide:

🌱Extraction:32,500kgs dried Andrographis herbs per day
🌱Filtration from the Andrographis paniculate mother liquids:500kgs per day.

Most importantly, Benenature shares you high content Andrographolide. The Andrographolide  99.5% (HPLC)  is acceptable to be applied as the standard sample directly, as the purity of the andrographolide is as higher as 99.9% by HPLC!

Features of high content Andrographolide-the essences of Andrographis extract:

Andrographolide-phytochemical from Andrographis Extract
Andrographis(kalmegh) extract powders and herb Andrographis
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