The measures for quality control of the natural herbs, medicinal plants as the raw materials  for the extracts are as follows:

  • Co-farming natural herbs/plants
  • Co-farmers on-site cultivation and caring skill shares
  • Sourcing from authentic sites for the non-farming natural plants and herbs
  • Outsourced roots and medicinal plants from qualified suppliers.
  • Content test,quantity assured and recorded instantly when raw materials received,
  • Content re-test and recorded before plant extraction process start
  • On-site QA during botanical extraction.

Yes, seperate warehouse for raw materials and finished plant extracts respectively.


Each batch plant extracts and botanical powders are recorded in a system for future track and reference.

The alcohol is appled for extraction of Andrographis extract  and purifying of andrographolide.

Ethanol.But methanol is acceptal, as it is the best choice for andrographolide polarity.

Yes, certificate(document)availble for each batch respectively, Certificate of Analysis for instance.

Yes. Sustainable tanlent plan, sustainable raw materals plan, eco-friendly manufacturing plan.

Yes, we applied a solvent-recycling system to be eco-friendly to the environment.