Natural Ingredients -andrographolide derivative-water-soluble andrographolide-Yanhuning

Water soluble Andrographolide-Yanhuning

Product name:Potassium Sodium Dehydroandrographolide Succinate

PN in Pinyin: Yanhuning(炎琥宁)
Benenature code: BN003
Specification: 94%,98%
Botanical source: Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees

Used part: Aerial part
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Off-white fine powder.

Yanhuning is a water-soluble andrographolide, the same as Andrographolide Sulfonate. It is a semi-synthetic active pharmaceutical ingredient derived from the component andrographolide, an Andrographolide derivative, originating from Andrographis extract. Yanhuning is primarily composed of 4-Dehydroxy-11,12-Didehydroandrographolide-3,19-Disuccinic acid half ester potassium sodium salt monohydrate.

Yanhuning originates from the herb Andrographis Paniculata, an herb with long medicine history in India and China.  The common use of the herb is as follows:

✅Andrographis decoction 
✅ By capsules filled with the Andrographis powders.

Quality assured andrographis herbs related products

High purity, water soluble andrographolide derivative.

Andrographis series product Yanhuning, an andrographolide derivative together with its natural origin-the Andrographis herb.
Herbs harvested for Andrographis herbs ingredients.

Sustainable farming andrographis herbs for andrographolide extraction.

Alcohol recycled tech applied for andrographolide and other plant extracts..

Solvents recycle technology applied.

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The Characteristic of Benenature water-soluble andrographolide

Yanhuning is water-soluble! This water-soluble andrographolide can be provided from stock in large quantities at any time.

100% from natural botanical extract dry Andrographis herbs-andrographolide. And purification and semi-synthesis by special technology applied.

Chemical Information of Yanhuning

Chemical Structure

CAS#: 6700-42-5

Chemical Formula:  C28H34KNaO10•H2O

Chemical structure of water-soluble andrographolide-Yanhuning.

Yanhuning is a natural antibiotic constituent for the animal health care industry, as it clears heat from the blood and detoxifies fire poison. In addition, Yanhuning has a quick effect for curing upper respiratory tract infections.


This andrographolide derivative yanhuning is an active ingredient for Injection(china only)in the pharmaceutical industry. As this derivative is easily soluble in water, there will be much more chances for the beverage and skincare industry.


Yanhuning is generally packing for you in two food-grade plastic bags with the paper drums and Net Weight:25.0kg/drum. At same time, 1kg or 5kg per food-grade plastic bags with aluminum foil bag is available for your unique needs. Please store yanhuning in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight


Two years when sealed and properly stored.

Shelf Life

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