Plant extract -intermediate- plant soured camptothecin

Natural camptothecin

Benenature code: BNO12X98
Botanical source: Camtotheca Acuminata

Used part:  Fruit and Leaves
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Light yellow crystal powder.

Natural camptothecin, a cytotoxic quinoline alkaloid, is from the Camptotheca Acuminate tree, native in China. In Chinese, Camptotheca Acuminate names 喜树, happy tree in English. (S)-(+)-Camptothecin (camptothecin, CPT) was discovered in 1966 by M. E. Wall and M. C. Wani in systematic screening of natural products for anticancer drugs. CPT, as a topoisomerase inhibitor, does show remarkable anticancer activity.

Camptothecin shows remarkable anticancer activity in preliminary clinical trials by inhibiting the DNA enzyme topoisomerase I (topo I). This phytochemical binds irreversibly to the DNA-topoisomerase I complex, inhibiting the reassociation of DNA after cleavage by topoisomerase I and traps the enzyme in a covalent linkage with DNA. The enzyme complex is ubiquitinated and destroyed by the 26S proteasome, thus depleting cellular topoisomerase I, and blocks the cell cycle in S-phase at a low dose and induces apoptosis in a large number of normal and tumor cell lines by cell cycle-dependent and cell cycle-independent processes.

Benenature keeps a sustainable supply of naturally sourced camptothecin by extracting the constituent from leaves and fruits Camptotheca Acuminate tree, trees grows better and better and supply fruits and leaves season by season. Meanwhile, making good use of these natural raw materials to have the plant extract camptothecin at the highest purity. And finally, we repurpose our biomass as fertilizer and recycle the extraction solvent by our unique recycling system.

As a manufacturer vendor, Benenature supplies camptotechin98% and CPT99%, both in bulk batches. Camptothecin is the key ingredient (raw material) of HCPT, SN-38, Irinotecan, and Topotecan.

Testing lab to control the quality of plant extracts and natural ingredients.

Single impurity<0.5% by HPLC.

Camptothecin powder and fruits and leaves of Happy tree-the natural origin of camptothecin
Immature fruits and leaves of tree Camptotheca Acuminate-the raw material of camptothecin

Sustainable Happy tree fruits and leaves for camptothecin98.

Alcohol recycled tech applied for andrographolide and other plant extracts..

Extracts solvents recycle TECH applied.

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🌿100% Camptotheca Acuminate tree derived.

🌿Single impurities strictly controlled: single impurity<0.5%.

🌿The HPLC purity of CPT is above 99.00%, a choice to be a reference substance

🌿Always in stock with bulk quantities.

Chemical Information of Camptothecin

Chemical Structure:


Chemical Formula: C20H16N2O4


Chemical structure of camptothecin

🍀Topoisomerase inhibitor for anticancer.
🍀CPT might be a therapeutic strategy for obesity through the induction GDF15.


🍀Key raw material for 10-HCPT semi-synthesis.🍀CPT is key raw material for SN-38 semi-synthesis.
🍀Intermediate for 7-ethylcamptothecin.
🍀Key raw material for Irinotecan Hydrochloride synthesis.
🍀Active Intermediate for synthesis of Exatecan,Topotecan and Lurtotecan.


Camptothecin is generally packed in two food-grade plastic bags with IATA required carton, net Weight:5.0kg/carton. At the same time, 1kg or 500g aluminum foil bag is available for your unique needs, Net Weight:5.0kg/IATA carton. Please store CPT in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


Three years when sealed and properly stored.

Shelf Life

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